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Mission & Vision

The mission of Roosevelt Middle School (RMS) is to educate every child by means of a nurturing, creative learning environment with an effective home-school partnership. Through a model of cooperation and example, we will help our students realize the joys of learning and the rewards of mutual respect. We believe the RMS experience will enable students to continue to be life-long learners.

The vision of Roosevelt Middle School is to educate every child in a safe environment that is conducive to learning so he/she can be academically successful, socially responsible, physically fit, multi-culturally conscious lifelong learners.
  • Integrity - We will behave in an honest, trustworthy manner.
  • Respect - We have confidence in our own identity and will acknowledge, understand, and support the rights of others.
  • Collaboration - We will actively participate with others in sharing information and ideas towards a common goal.
  • Accountability - We will take responsibility for the content and processes of decisions made, actions taken, and the resulting outcomes.
  • Excellence - We take pride in our work, give our best efforts, persevere, reflect on results, and have the courage to apply new understanding to other
RMS Girls Basketball game
Girls home basketball game.